The Talent Division of 42West, headed by Leslee Dart, focuses on creating and implementing strategic communication campaigns for a wide variety of performers and entertainers, including television and film stars, recording artists, authors, models, athletes, and theater actors.

Reflecting this, our talent roster includes some of the best known and most highly respected members of the entertainment community—ranging from Oscar- and Emmy-winning actors and Grammy-winning singers and musicians to New York Times best-selling authors—as well as many promising newcomers.

    We specialize in:
  • Ongoing strategic counsel
  • Media relations
  • Studio, network, charity, and corporate liaison
  • Event and tour support

Our goal is to create for our clients clear, concise, and credible communications campaigns that rise above the clutter in a media-saturated world. To this end, we maintain strong relationships with both global and regional media, and we use those relationships—along with intuition, instinct, and intelligence—to develop and secure a client’s public image. In addition to supporting a client’s primary career, our talent publicists also provide communications guidance for his or her other interests, such as charitable organizations, endorsements, and new business ventures.

We take great pride in the depth and breadth of our client relationships. We listen, question and evaluate with an open mind unrestrained by conventional wisdom—and then work to develop creative communications campaigns that are uniquely designed and executed to help clients achieve their particular professional and personal goals.