Our Strategic Communications Division, headed by Allan Mayer, has enormous experience advising high-profile individuals and companies faced with sensitive situations or looking to raise, reposition, or rehabilitate their public profiles. The division also has an unparalleled track record helping studios and filmmakers deal with controversial movies. And we have worked with numerous consumer-product marketers looking to enhance brand identity with a little Hollywood stardust.

Much of our practice involves orchestrating high-stakes communications campaigns in sensitive, complex situations. We also help forward-thinking companies define objectives, develop messaging, create brand identities, and construct long-term strategies to achieve specific goals. In addition, clients often seek our help in building their own organizational capabilities or managing entire functions such as media relations or internal communications on a day-to-day basis.

    We specialize in:
  • Strategic communications counsel
  • Corporate positioning
  • Brand enhancement
  • Media relations

  • Reputation and issues management
  • Litigation support
  • Crisis management and communications

Strategic Communications clients include major studios and production companies, record labels, sports franchises, media conglomerates, technology companies, philanthropic organizations, talent guilds, and trade associations as well as a wide variety of high-profile individuals, ranging from major movie and pop stars to top executives and iconic entrepreneurs.