42 West - Full-service public-relations for the entertainment industry

Focused on creating and implementing strategic communication campaigns for a wide variety of performers and entertainers, including television and film stars, recording artists, authors, models, athletes, and theater actors.

  • Talent

    42West’s talent publicists pride themselves on committing to clients early in their careers and then helping them rise to remarkable heights.
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  • Entertainment Marketing

    42West’s Entertainment Marketing Division provides expert marketing direction, public-relations counsel and media strategy for productions, as well as content producers.
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  • Strategic Communications

    Appreciating context, keeping ahead of events, staying focused on achieving goals—this is the essence of strategic communications, and it’s at the core of everything we do.
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  • Digital Marketing

    42West’s Digital Marketing and Communications Division delivers interactive marketing services tailored to individual client objectives.
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  • Targeted Marketing

    Our targeted marketing group can deliver national and field publicity and promotions specifically tailored to reach important and fast-growing cultural groups.
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  • Brand Marketing

    Our Brand Marketing practice has extensive experience developing dynamic, integrated communications strategies that will ultimately increase sales.
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