42West’s Entertainment Marketing Division, co-headed by Leslee Dart and Amanda Lundberg, provides expert marketing direction, public-relations counsel and media strategy for productions (including theatrical films, DVD and VOD releases, television programs, and online series) as well as content producers (ranging from individual filmmakers and creative artists to production companies, film financiers, DVD distributors, and countless other entities in our ever-changing, multi-platform world).

    Our capabilities include:
  • Worldwide studio releases
  • Independent films
  • Television programming
  • Web productions
  • Video-on-demand

  • DVD releases
  • Self-distribution
  • Film festivals
  • Awards campaigns
  • Event publicity/red-carpet management

The division has extensive experience in a wide variety of situations, including both wide and limited theatrical releases; films that already have distributors as well as those that are seeking them; film festival strategies; and awards campaigns. We work with most of the leading movie companies—both mainstream studios and independent producers—as well as with up-and-coming filmmakers.

We are a significant presence at most major film festivals—Cannes, Venice, South by Southwest, Tribeca, Sundance, and Toronto—representing films, filmmakers, and production companies, as well as managing events. We shape and organize publicity campaigns not with any standard formula or template, but through targeted strategies specifically designed to meet the particular needs and objectives of particular projects. Above all, we understand that in an era of rapid change, you cannot achieve the best possible results with yesterday’s strategies or expertise. As a result, our campaigns take advantage of both tried and true print and broadcast outlets and the latest new-media/social networking tools.