With unparalleled experience, contacts, and expertise, 42West is one of the leading full-service public-relations firms in the entertainment industry.

The name 42West symbolizes our bicoastal reach: from Manhattan’s 42nd Street (where our New York headquarters are located) to the West Coast (which we serve from our offices in Los Angeles). Our professional capabilities are equally broad, encompassing talent publicity and strategic communications as well as entertainment, digital, and targeted marketing.

42West grew out of The Dart Group, which was launched by Leslee Dart in 2004. Amanda Lundberg teamed up with Dart a few months later. In 2006, after Allan Mayer joined the partnership, the company was rechristened 42West.

Since then, 42West has grown to become the largest independently-owned public-relations firm in the entertainment industry. Both individually and as a group, the firm’s PR professionals have developed and executed marketing and publicity strategies for hundreds of movies and television shows as well as for countless individual actors, filmmakers, recording artists, and authors. In addition, we have also provided strategic counsel to a wide variety of high-profile individuals and corporate clients — ranging from movie and pop stars to major studios and media conglomerates — looking to raise, reposition, or rehabilitate their public profiles.